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MF 200 Crawler Loader with 4 in 1 Bucket

Condition - as good as can be expected... considering it's recent undressing from it's blackberry garments. This dozer has been sitting in it's current spot for approximately 10 years, but it's time to move as the farm is been sold. We've just cleared away the foliage, and had a bit of a look. There was no water in the sump, hydraulics, fuel, or transmission fluid (for the fluid clutch), but some water discovered in the rear transmission sump. So we borrowed a battery from the tractor, and started the engine. Engine ran fine, though the fan belt is frayed and needs replacing.

Hydraulic system operational, though control linkages worn and stiff. One of the hydraulic hoses in desperate need of replacement.

Was shifted to it's current location approx 10 years ago from it's resting place on another farm. At the time it could move forward, but steering breaks would jam when in reverse. Movement not currently possible as tracks have rusted solid. As previously mentioned some water was found in the rear drive sump. It is believed that the damage from this water is minimal as there was still oil above the water (reducing the opportunity for oxygen to enter the water, slowing corrosion).

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